Tuesday, 07 Jul 2020


Dear KCSC Community - Again it is with much sadness and a heavy heart that I inform you all of the following decision: EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY ALL training, practice games, games and social activities of our club are SUSPENDED until further notice.

This decision has been made by the club's Executive Committee in response to the announcement made by our Premier this afternoon. We know that our decisions may not always be popular, however they are made in good faith and following serious consideration of the advice of the public health authorities and the announcement by the Premier.

We will continue to keep you informed of any changes to this decision as we progress over the upcoming weeks. We will also inform you of what will happen with the plans regarding the VCFA modified season. This will be via our weekly newsletter, which will continue and also other bulletins as required.

As I have said before these decisions weigh heavy on my heart as I witness the social destruction that this virus is causing in our communities. Therefore, I would like to ask you to join with us as a community to create a positive vibe at this time and to continue upholding the values of this club, even more so NOW!

  • May we RESPECT our leaders and those making decisions that impact us by abiding by them and honouring them.
  • May we exercise SELFLESSNESS in the way we go around shops and engage with the wider community.
  • May we SUPPORT each other through encouraging messages and calls to one another (may no one feel alone while away from the club), being positive in our social messaging on Facebook and the like.
  • May we show UNITY in the face of this adversity with positive communication and encouragement
  • May we act with INTEGRITY in all areas being honest and open with each other and trusting that we will get through this together. 

I would also like to assure you that we will act appropriately and with integrity with regard to your registrations and fees paid. I was preparing to communicate decisions that had been made with regard to fees and potential refunds, as it pertained to a modified season. However, given these developments we will need to revisit these decisions and adjust accordingly. Please be patient with us.

We are extremely disappointed and did all we could to return safely, and I would like to THANK everyone for their efforts in working together to do this. But we know the situation is much bigger than us and we will continue to do all we can for the safety and well-being of all, especially our KCSC Community.

If you find yourself struggling during this time of lockdown, please reach out and as a club we want to continue being a place of support, regardless of whether football is being played or not.

If you would like to our chaplains or myself at any time - just drop me an email or give me a call or you can call any of our chaplains directly.
INEKE DE GRAAF - 0409 160 558
ANDREW BOONSTRA - 0400 488 016
JOHN WATERS - 0405 153 726

It is my prayer that this situation will change soon and our world and most especially our state, will return to some degree of normality. PLEASE do not switch off, stay connected, stay positive and stay strong. Go for a run, kick a ball around with your family (in your backyard), give one another a call, get creative... STAY FOCUSED - GO ROYALS!

WE will be BACK!


Johann Poppenbeck - President